Bafang BBS01b 250W 36V mid drive electric bike motor conversion kit with DISPLAY c961 Plus FREE brake sensors or levers, FREE Bottom bracket Tool, FREE FRONT LIGHT


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Latest model of BBS01B 36V 250W motor released by Bafang (model reference ‘MM G340.250’), suitable for converting over 90% of bicycles already on UK roads into an E-bike. The motor fits directly to the bottom bracket powering from the cranks, so the majority of the bicycle remains unchanged.

These motors have several new features compared to the previous BBS01 motors, such as revised controller design with improved gasket, additional connections for direct gear sensor input and a 6V power output for lighting.

The supplied display is the latest model ‘500c’ display.

Select from up to 9 gradually increasing levels of assistance depending on the terrain/winds.

Bike rides as normal when power is switched off without the drag, weight or resistance that can be associated with hub motors.

Considered superior to hub drive systems, especially for hill climbing torque and efficiency, the BBS01B are arguably the best way to maximise the 250 Watt power limit allowed in the UK to qualify as an EAPC.

Pedal assistance set to cease at 15.6 mph (25kph), the UK maximum assist speed limit for EAPCs.

The Bafang BBS01b is the perfect assistance kit. Get up any hill and wave goodbye to the wind. It offers pedal assistance and a throttle. With 80NM of torque, don’t compare this to a shop bought ebike – it’s going to be far more powerful.

Please note that this kit is for the motor, screen, throttle, speed sensor and wiring harness ,Front light,Brake Levers or sensors, Crank puller, Bottom bracket Wrench,

You will also need to choose a suitable battery if you don’t already have one.


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