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Appearance color: black

Surface treatment: sandblasting + anodizing

Surface roughness: about 120 mesh

Net weight: BBS01-02~155g / BBSHD177g

Material: 7075-T6 Heat Treated



BBSHD 42T Chain wheel similar to but NOT Lekkie Bling Ring BLACK

Suitable for narrow wide chains, 9-11 speed (not all 11 speeds fit but recommended KMC E chains do)

My own personal Ragley  BBSHD ) has one of these chain rings for over 1000 miles without chain wheel issues



BBSHD 42T Chain Ring

Made from: CNC 7075 Aluminium, T6 heat treated (we have not tested this but they last thousands of miles, never snapped a tooth or bent), anodized finish.

Narrow wide tooth pattern (designed to keep the chain on the wheel and stop chain derailment). Thickening of the teeth also increases durability.

Chain Offset: 18.3mm

Weight: 146g

This is the smallest chain wheel that can “Clam Shell” the motor and bring the chain line back inwards towards the frame allowing better chain line.

(For Non Fat Bikes) This is the ONLY chain wheel size and offset that we recommend. If the chain wheel is smaller, it will not come inboard and the chain line will be too far “off board” causing alignment issues. If you use a bigger chain wheel, you will over burden the motor. The BBSHD has a maximum of 160RPM. Use a cadence calculator and you can see how fast this would be if you could use all your gears and had enough power – a minimum of 55MPH. This is not attainable with a standard motor and will either burn out your motor or your battery BMS will trip (we have tried and tested every size and shape you can think of).

You need this smaller chain wheel, to help the motor for higher torque, (getting up steep hills, acceleration).

Only fits BBSHD.  Does not fit BBS01 or BBS02.

If this chain wheel fails you in any way, send it back for money back or replacement within 1 year of purchase. The only way this wheel will fail is if you impact it on a hard surface or run a terrible (stuck in an extreme gear) chain line for thousands of miles (and then it will have one sided extra wear)

We reserve the right to slightly modify or change this product without notice.


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