BAFANG BBS02B 500W, BAFANG BBS02B 750W TRIANGLE BATTERY>Triangle downtube 48V28Ah ebike battery Panasonic cell 50A BMS with 4A charger,


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1) Voltage 48V,   Panasonic 3500mmAh,  13S8P

2) Capacity 28Ah

3) BMS  50A; support 2400W motor max

4) Charger 4A

5) Size 395*365*232*80mm

6) Battery 1pcs;  Key 2pcs;  charger 1pcs;

7) battery come with XT90 connector, provided extra XT90—XT60 connector

8) Warranty 16 Months

9) After 1000cycles, you still can recharge 85% of original power

10) Free shipping to uk




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