Bafang 500C screen

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Highlights :

LCD Display Panel: information on screen very clear, easy to read in direct sunlight when riding
Compatible with bafang Motor BBS01, BBS02 BBS03, and BBSHD
The HMI is compatible with the Bus system RS 232
See Battery level, speed, distance, power, and more
High quality, one-year quality warranty, buy with confidence


2.2inch IPS SCREEN

24V/36V/48V Battery supply

Rated operating current:40MA

OFF leakage current<1UA

Max output current to the controller:100MA

Operating temperature:-20-70℃

Storage temperature:-30-80℃


Speed display: AVG SPEED, MAX SPEED, SPEED(Real-time)

Battery indicator: Provides a reliable battery indicator

Level Assist:0-3/0-5/0-9 optional

Mileage indicator: Odometer/Trip distance/Riding time

Error code indicator: check the specifications

Software upgraded: Software can be updated through UART

Brightness: Adjustable

Vibration feedback: Touch button will vibrate

Power indicator: Digital or Analog indicator

Kilometer/ Mile: Can be set according to customers’ habits

Waterproof: IP7

Package includes

1 PCS 500C LCD Display

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