our Local project

Free Bikes for Local schools

Here is a little Bit of information about a project i started in 2021,  i had received a lot of Donated bikes  throughout lockdown and Instead of Letting these bikes go to waste i decided to put them to good use.

I started  to refurbish or repair these bikes at my own cost and time and Donate to whoever !NEEDED! one, i felt that these could help a child somewhere that had no means of a bicycle.

Firstly i contacted local child care or family authorities and schools to ask if i could help in Any way,. Since the start of this project i have donated a bike to a child that the family was having a hard time ,and also to two local schools Each of which received 5 bicycles each, Ysgol rhosgadfan and ysgol twthill, at the time of writing this i am curruntly arranging to provide 2 more schools ysgol pendalar and ysgol hendre.


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